Bright Lights, Big Profit


After reading a Forbes article, we felt the need to share the profound information within. This article talked about how many major cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chicago, and Shanghai are switching their street lights to LED to save money on energy. Traditional lamps are costing up to four times more than the new LED technology. The LED lamps may be more expensive upfront, but pay off quickly over the lifespan of these bulbs with the cities saving billions of dollars. Yes, Billions, with a B. Can you imagine what cities can do with all that money they are saving?

Another interesting point made was in the past year over 140 million street lights were installed worldwide. Of that 140 million installed, only 19 million were LED. Only about 13% of the lights installed were energy saving lighting. Looks like someone needs to a little more homework on the benefits of this technology.

We want everyone to know the benefits of LED lighting, that is why we are going to continue to share articles such as this and other information about LED technology to help you. And as always, contact us for help making your own switch to LED lighting in your home or business.